Kim Moloney

Kim Moloney, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor at Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Doha Qatar. Her research focuses on the link between international organizations and their global policies with the public sector management of small and/or developing countries. She has published several articles on Jamaica and/or small states. This includes published research on debt administration in the Caribbean and South Pacific, NGO-donor relationships in the South Pacific, public service motivation in Jamaica, questions of collaboration between NGOs and the Jamaican state, and a chapter on crisis management in three small states (Mauritius, Qatar, and Maldives). Her latest two articles are co-authored with Prof. Rupert Lewis. The first article engages the relevance of racial contract theory for the social equity concept. The second article engages the relevance of Marcus Garvey for 1910s and 1920s understandings of social equity in the United States. Her latest book, Who Matters at the World Bank, was published in 2022 by Oxford University Press.

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