Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Centre – GTRCMC

Governance Structure of the Centre

The Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Centre (GTRCMC) has its main headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica, and operates satellite offices across various regions including Africa, Europe, Canada, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. Each satellite office functions independently, focusing on addressing regional challenges specific to its tourism ecosystem and fostering economic growth within their regions.
Collectively, these centers work towards addressing global threats to the tourism industry and facilitating global sustainability. Every satellite office has its own director and staff, who are responsible for the management and operations of their respective offices. This structure ensures that each center can effectively respond to local needs while contributing to the broader objectives of the GTRCMC.
The Executive Director, based at the main headquarters in Kingston, is responsible for the overall management of the Centre. The Director provides operational, organizational, and institutional direction and reports to a Board of Governors. The Executive Director is supported by six  Deputy Directors responsible for Programme and Projects, Research and Development, Training and Capacity Building, Monitoring and Evaluation, Resource Mobilization and Policy Advocacy and Communication. Each center, staffed by internationally recognized experts and professionals, specializes in areas such as climate management, project management, tourism risk management, and tourism marketing and branding, thus contributing to both regional and global objectives of the GTRCMC.

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